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Blue Water

Wellness Article Collection
You now have private label rights (PLR) to our collection of high-quality articles and can do anything you want with them.

Feel free to publish these articles as is or edit them in any way you want. For example, you could:
✓ Change the headline or sub-headline.
✓ Add a branded sharable image, optimised for Instagram or Pinterest.
✓ Add links to your products, lead magnets, and other blog posts.
✓ Repurpose the content into videos, podcasts, lead magnets, or infographics.
✓ Give content "your voice" by adding your personal stories and experiences.

* Including "Created with content from Clarify Thy Uniqueness''  is NOT required.
* You'll have to download the articles (or copy and paste) and make your personal edits.

Wellness Email Scripts
52+ email scripts to send to your subscribers.

Our science-based email scripts help you:

  • Share relatable stories

  • Show you care about your readers

  • Continually provide value

  • Boost your credibility by linking to high-quality articles

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Wellness Resource Library

You can't afford to lose the people that come to your website. That's why you need to start collecting emails fast by offering lead magnets and other resources to your website viewers.

Feel free to use our resources however you like. For example, you could:
✓ Use them as lead magnets
✓ Add your brand to stay top of mind
✓ Include them in articles or elsewhere on your website
✓ Repurpose the content into videos, podcasts, new lead magnets, infographics, products, or programs
✓ Give content "your voice" by adding your personal stories and experiences

Topic Database
​Search our 3000+ wellness topics to find the best wellness topics to write about, topics that rank higher in Google search. 


Part 1 of The Purpose-Driven Business Program
Find Your Purpose & Hone Your Business Idea. In part 1 of this program, you'll learn how to evaluate your business ideas and hone your strategy. With this clarity, you'll be able to move your business in the right direction for you.


25 Irresistible Email Subject Lines
People are more likely to open emails with subject lines that pique curiosity (versus emails than give everything away in the subject line). So next time you send an email to your subscribers, use these irresistible subject lines to pique curiosity.