Hi my name is Nel Kwas, the founder and CEO of Clarify Thy Uniqueness.

My Story

Certain instances in life shock you in a way that you tremble when you never thought it was possible. One day you turn your back on your child and they pick up a piece of crisp from the ground and eat it because they have never eaten that food before; their internal struggle starts to manifest into physical signs like stuttering or when you find out that your family is homeless. It’s immensely painful to see your family not have access to the very basic needs and most especially not being able to support my children emotionally.

A quote by Mandy Hale says  ‘Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying

stuck somewhere you don’t belong’.

 I am Nel Kwas, a mother of four beautiful and handsome children.  I am happy you are here.

Life was miserable but I can proudly tell you today that I have made some great improvements to get to the happy and safe place and I can help you do the same. The purpose of sharing my story with you is to first notify you that the negative experiences become internalised and that misinforms the way you see yourself, others and relate to the world; second is to remind you that you are not alone and finally, you do not have to do it all by yourself.

I never experienced domestic abuse growing up, and I did not even know how to identify the signs of emotional abuse. I constantly blamed and doubted myself for everything. It was dark, cold, and a lonely place to be, though I was surrounded by people. Submerged by hopelessness, rejection, and inadequateness, I just kept going for the sake of my family. I had completely lost touch with the person that I was meant to be. Finding a suicide note in one of my children’s bedroom shook me to the core. I learned that the pain of not making change was greater than the fear of the unknown. The mother and the woman in me was determined to rise up from the rock bottom I was hitting.

Being an introverted Black African woman in the UK with limited support network, it appeared to be a taboo talking about the negative experiences or even asking for help from fellow country people.  I felt rejected, blamed and ignored. I surrendered myself to my God.

I started my transformation journey about 13 years ago and I developed deep connection with my spiritual self. Entrusted the Universe to do the best thing for me. It was a journey that took me through many learning opportunities. I involved myself into various trainings, seminars, podcasts and got counsellor, coach and mentor who helped me see things more clearly, the things that I shut out over the years. Slowly but surely, I started to see possibilities over challenges.

I am interested in abnormal psychology, human behaviour and lifespan development. My personal experience in life and journey of overcoming the adversities that were thrown at me has enabled me to be a more conscious parent, deal better with my inner conflict to live a purposeful life.

I work with people who feel trapped and stuck, they want to move ahead in life but fear stops them from taking action. I help them get out of their comfort zone to rediscover their identity, clarify their uniqueness, recreate their future and live meaningful lives.

If this sounds familiar to you, then contact me let’s have a conversation. I want to hear your story and find a way to work with you.



I have accreditations in:

- Heal Your Inner Child in 2020;

- Transformation Life Coach Certification in 2020;

- Public Speaking Training and Facilitator Training in 2021;

- NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach Certification in 2021, all provided by Transformation Academy

- Being an Exponential Coach training by EverCoach - MindValley in 2021.

I obtained the following qualifications:

- Masters in Social Work in 2017;

- Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Psychology in 2014;

- Diploma in Psychology and Community Studies in 2009.



I have over 13 years working with people to identify their needs and provide appropriate support in various mental health and health care settings and with children and their families.

Therapeutic assessor/course facilitator

I use approaches like solution-focused, strength-based and personalised to build rapport and understand people's presenting problems. This has enabled me to go deeper into exploring belief mindsets to overcome barriers and to develop growth mindset to life purposeful lives and clarify their uniqueness.


I enjoy being in nature, cooking, gardening, dancing, listening to music, family time, reading, engage in meaningful discussions and speaking on topics that interests me.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.