Identity Coaching

Some people go through life trying to please everyone else and forget about themselves.  They tend to forget what  they like, want and need.  They feel stuck, lost and struggle to make independent decisions. This loss of identity affects various aspects of their lives including lack of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, etc.  The way they view themselves, others and their interactions with individuals and the world is distorted from reality.  They develop poor coping strategies that impacts on their relationships, families, careers, health, etc.

Benefits of Identity  Coaching

Identity Coaching can be beneficial depending on what you need and want to achieve, including:
- Rediscover your identity;

- Gain a true sense of self;
- Recreate your identity;
- Realise your core values;
- Understanding your limiting belief systems;
- Uncover barriers and blocks; 
- Deal with challenges;
- Overcome inner conflicts;
- Feel empowered;
- Live a purposeful life. etc


Is Identity Coaching RIGHT for You ?  It is if :

- You feel stuck, trapped, confused, lost;
- You fear to fail and avoid taking action;

- You fear the unknown and avoid to be judged by others;

- You feel to need to always be in control;
- You want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself;
- You want to know your life purpose;
- You want to develop a positive mindset
- You are willing, ready and commited to positive change, etc.


Identity Coaching is NOT for You when:

- You are not ready for change
- Have very traumatic past experiences
- You are dealing with drugs and alcohol
- You have mental health issues
- You do not want to be challenged

Blue Water

What you will cover in this program

  • Who Am I?

  • Identify Barriers and Blocks

  • Develop Resilience

  • Goal Settings

  • Limit Belief System

  • Growth Mindset

The program includes articles, videos and exercises for you to take action to effect change.

Uniqueness Identity Coaching Program



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