"Popular Topics" Coaching Article Package

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This package includes 16 science-based articles covering a wide range of coaching topics including:

  • Happiness

  • Gut Health

  • Loneliness

  • Values

  • Mindfulness

Each article includes a free image and links to relevant articles. 

Publish these articles on your website as is. Edit them as you like. Or repurpose them into other products, programs, lead magnets, emails, social media posts, or resources.

You'll Get The Following Articles With Your Purchase

✓  6 Ways to Think Positive: Use these 6 strategies to build a positive thinking habit and increase happiness.

✓  6 Ways to “Grow” a Growth Mindset: Want to increase your chances of success? Then switch a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

✓  How To Improve Your Gut Health: Got Anxiety? Brain fog? Fatigue? Improving your gut health could be the answer.

✓  How To Live Your Values: Identify your core values and learn how to live by them to build greater happiness.

✓  5 Ways To Cope With Challenges: Struggling with a difficult situation? Check out these science-based strategies.

✓  How To Be More Mindful: Discover how to be more open, aware, and present.

​✓  Can You Actually Improve Well-Being?  Discover what well-being is and why you can indeed increase your well-being.

✓  How To Cultivate Self-Awareness? 5 ways to become more self-aware.

✓  4 Ways to Accept Yourself: Find the good in you and learn to appreciate the not-so-good in you.

✓  4 Ways To Boost Resilience: Having a hard time coping with stress? Try these science-based ways to build resilience.

✓  How to Be Happy in 7 Steps: Strategies that can help you boost happiness fast

✓  5 Ways to Beat Loneliness: Are you digitally connected but still feeling lonely? These strategies can help.

✓  6 Tips for Decoding Emotions in Text Messages: Is she mad at you? Is he in love with you? Here are some ways to find out.

✓  How to Control Your Emotions: Feeling really amped up or upset? Try these strategies to take back power over your emotions.

✓  10 Ways to Be More Authentic: Want to let your true self shine? Then try these 10 authenticity strategies.

✓  6 Ways To Develop Yourself: Build your skills and talents with these high-impact strategies.

"Popular Coaching Topics" Article Package


How Do I Make These Articles "My Own"?

Feel free to modify the articles however you like. For example, you could:
✓ Change the headline or sub-headline.
✓ Add a branded, sharable image, optimized for Instagram or Pinterest.
✓ Add links to your products, lead magnets, and other blog posts.
✓ Repurpose the content into video, podcasts, lead magnets, or infographics.
✓ Give content "your voice" by adding your personal stories and experiences.

Does Republishing Content Hurt SEO?


Nope! In fact, increasing the number, quality, and shares of pages on your website can actually improve your Google search traffic. 

Many of the highest-ranked coaching websites re-publish content that was first published somewhere else. They do it because it saves tons of time and money and generates massive value for readers.

And if you want your articles to rank on Google, just modify them. Or change the format into a video. 

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"Popular Coaching Topics" Article Package