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Blue Water

Here is your "Popular Topics" Coaching Article Package which includes 16 science-based coaching  articles.

Feel free to publish these articles as is or edit them in any way you want. For example, you could:
✓ Change the headline or sub-headline.
✓ Add a branded sharable image, optimised for Instagram or Pinterest.
✓ Add links to your products, lead magnets, and other blog posts.
✓ Repurpose the content into videos, podcasts, lead magnets, or infographics.
✓ Give content "your voice" by adding your personal stories and experiences.

* Including "Content created  from the Berkeley Wellbeing Institute OR Clarify Thy Uniqueness''  is NOT required.
* You'll have to download the articles (or copy and paste) and make your personal edits.

Bonus: 3 Email Scripts

Writing emails for your subscribers is easier said than done. That's why we created our Wellness Email Scripts. And with your "Popular Topics" Articles, you get 3 wellness email scripts free!

The email scripts includes prompts (like MadLibs) and links to articles that you can publish on your website.

​Create simple, useful, high-value email messages fast.

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