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Most people avoid to answer this question because it is very complex and difficult since it has different levels, components, interpretations and what it exposes about oneself. When you ask people who they are, their answer is their name, age, gender, profession, marital status, race, religion, body shape.

They include a description of their rolese such as I am a female/male, mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, fat/tiny, short/tall, builder, student, accountant, teacher, healer, doctor, president, lawyer etc. These are all the components that make up ones identity.

My answer is that I am a 'spiritual being having a human experience'.

Self identity is composed of different aspects such as personality, skills, abilities, occupation, hobbies, physical attributes, etc. and it made up of the past, present and future self. We gather information from our five senses including pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes which creates our internal representation on how we identify ourselves, others and our relationship to the world

Our past self-identity is important in our transformation journey as it helps to identify our held believes in order to modify those that limit our progress in life. All information about our past experiences are stored in the unconscious mind and can easily be accessible when one calms and quietens their mind. One of the functions of the unconscious mind is to protect us and to keep us to function to an appropriate level. The unconscious mind responds to threats in different ways such as repressing negative memories until a time when it feels we have the resources to deal with that situation. For instance when one is faced with a threatening situation for the first time our survival instinct is fight or flight. Depending on the action one takes at the time of the incident will determine whether that same action will be repeated or not face the next time the individual is faced with the similar situation. When this action is done repeatedly, it eventually becomes automatic. One tends to associate things and over time it shapes our belief systems.

You can start exploring who really you are by following some of the tips below. Take note of how you react to a particular situation and question yourself why you choose react in that particular way; reflect to identify the first time you reacted in that way; question yourself on everything.

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